• Mission Statement

    Igniting Minds for the Future 


    About the District 
    Having achieved distinguished test scores and ratings in the last decade, Parker School continues its mission of “Igniting Minds for the Future.” The staff are dedicated to 21st century teaching and learning practices and prides ourselves in implementing cutting-edge educational practices with research-based strategies. When students leave Parker School, they are prepared for the workforce or post-secondary education, wherever that may be. Parker School stresses the 21st century skills by seamlessly integrating technology throughout our educational programs so that students understand and utilize the ever-changing world of technology.
    The Parker School District has been leading the way with technology integration for many years. We have Interactive Whiteboards, iPads, and Chromebooks in the elementary classrooms, as well as one-to-one Chromebooks for our JH students and laptops for the students in grades 9-12. Our elementary students have access to a computer lab that ensures all our K-6 students have high-quality technology every day. These are tools that the teachers and students use to help them reach a deeper level of understanding of the material presented.

    The Parker School District was the recipient of an award by the Governor as the only school in the state of South Dakota to achieve the Distinguished School District for 7 years in a row.  In 2012 the Parker Elementary was awarded the National Blue Ribbon Award for academic excellence.  In 2016, Parker School District was awarded the Little Red Schoolhouse Award presented by the School Administrators of South Dakota.

    General Information 

    Parker School 60-4 is a K-12 public school in the state of South Dakota.  A North Central Accredited/AdvancED school since 1929, Parker School has upheld a high standard of education in a state which boasts one of the best educational systems in the United States.  Starting in the fall of 2011, the district went to a 4-day schedule.

    Enrollment for grades K-12 is around 410 students.  A teaching staff with a great student to teacher ratio provides a variety of classes for our students to attend.  A principal is located in grades K-6 and along with a principal in grades 7-12.  The school also has a superintendent, business manager and technology coordinator.

    The school employs, in addition to the teaching staff and administrators, a strong support staff from bus drivers to educational assistants.  The Parker School Board consists of five members.  Each member's term is for three years.  Parker School belongs to the Cornbelt Educational Cooperative, which provides services for speech and language education, pre-school education, psychological services, occupational and physical therapy as well as consolidated services centering around special education and other federally financed programs.  The school district also operates a fully licensed daycare and before/after school care programs.

    The school is located in the community of Parker in the southwest corner of the school district.  The school district is 137 square miles, extending nearly 25 miles to the northeast, within 4 miles of the city of Sioux Falls.  The district has land in Turner, Minnehaha, and McCook counties.

    One of the many advantages of the Parker School is that all grades K-12 are under one roof.  Though separated in different parts of the building, many consolidated services are available for all grades, without having to transport staff or students.

    A well rounded education, in a safe atmosphere, is what best sums up the Parker School!

    The Parker School District 60-4 (established in 1889) is located in Parker, South Dakota and includes an area of over 137 square miles in Turner, Minnehaha and McCook Counties.  Parker is at the intersection of South Dakota Highways 44 and 19.  These major South Dakota highways provide quick and easy access to Interstate Highways 29 and 90, South Dakota Highway 42, as well as numerous paved county roads throughout the Parker School District.  

    Parker, a community of over 1000 people, is a progressive community that hosts the County Seat, a medical clinic, chiropractic provider, as well as numerous businesses to meet the consumer's needs.  A small factory on the edge of town employs around 40-50 people year round.  Less than 25 minutes from Sioux Falls, Parker provides a quiet lifestyle with easy access to a major shopping/business market.  Parker is a rural farming community yet with only a short drive to the "social/shopping network" of South Dakota.

    Located within an hour's drive to five universities and three vocational schools, Parker residents can further their education without having to relocate.  A community swimming pool, skateboard park, baseball & basketball parks, soccer fields, city parks, and a golf course are available to provide hours of recreation for the whole family.  During August, Parker hosts the Turner County Fair, the largest free-gate and most successful fair in South Dakota.

    Parker is one of those best kept secrets in America.  Affordable housing and a place to raise your family in a small town atmosphere, free of the problems found in many urban areas across our nation, make Parker and the surrounding area a great place to live!  Life is a little bigger in a small town.

    Education Philosophy

    The Parker School Board believes that education is a continuous and life-long endeavor.  The Board is committed to providing a school environment which will assist students in meeting their maximum intellectual, social, physical and emotional needs.  This school environment involves not only the student, but the teachers and staff, the physical plant itself with current technologies, labs and educational materials, as well as extracurricular programs which appeal to a variety of student interest.  Pre-school and adult education programs offer life-long learning opportunities to district dwellers.

    The board believes that a well-rounded student is a benefit to all of society, and it is towards this goal that Parker School offers both academic and non-academic opportunities to the school-age child.  The Board also recognizes the invaluable contribution of parents and community members to the education of each child.  These three working together -- school, family, and community -- can help develop a well-rounded student.

    Transportation and Breakfast & School Lunch

    The Parker School District operates four school bus routes to transport rural students in grades K-12 both to and from school.  This is done at no cost to the students.  In addition to the bus routes, students are transported to the various extra-curricular school activities on school-owned buses.

    The School Board has always encouraged providing all students with the opportunity to have at least one hot, nutritious meal per day.  Breakfast is available to all students each morning.  Hot lunch meals are served each day in a roomy cafeteria with a salad bar.  This nutritious meal and generally all-you-can-eat salad bar are reasonably priced and are available to all students in grades K-12.  Students in grades K-8 are required to stay on campus during their lunch break, while students in grades 9-12 have open campus.  Even with open campus, most students continue to eat at the school lunchroom. 


    Childcare Programs

    •  Little Pheasant Daycare 
      • The Little Pheasant Daycare is a non-profit daycare owned and operated by the Parker School District.  The facility is located adjacent to the elementary playground on school property.  It is open year round, M-F, from 6 am to 6 pm with the exception of holidays.  
      • The Little Pheasant Daycare is licensed for 20 children, ages birth to 6.  Our childcare staff is trained according to state licensing regulations.

    • Parker Learning Center (PLC)

      • Summer Childcare 
        • The Parker Learning Center's summer care program is in operation during the summer months that school is not in session.  PLC is open Monday through Friday from 6:00 am to 6:00 pm at Parker School, with the exception of holidays.  
        • The summer care program is available for students that have completed grades K-6 and are currently enrolled with the Parker School District.
      • Before & After School Childcare
        • The Parker Learning Center offers before and after school childcare.  It is in operation Monday through Thursday from 6:00 am -8:00 am and then again from 3:45 pm until 6:00 pm on regularly scheduled school days.  
        • The after school program is available for students that are enrolled in grades K-6 at Parker School.
      • Friday Childcare 
        • Because Parker School District is on a 4-day schedule, The Parker Learning Center's Friday school program is in operation from 6:00 am until 6:00 pm on regularly scheduled Friday help days and teacher in-service days listed on the District calendar. 
        • The Friday program is available for students that are enrolled in grades K-6 at Parker School.
    The Parker Learning Center provides recreation, enrichment, tutoring, and prevention opportunities to youth.  For more information, please contact the Parker School at 605-297-3456.

    Guidance and Counseling

    The major emphasis of the Parker Guidance and Counseling Program is to contribute to the students' overall academic success, which includes educational, personal, social, and career development.  Students are assisted in the understanding and acceptance of themselves as growing, changing individuals who acknowledge responsibility for themselves and for their community.

    The guidance and counseling program is one aspect of the student's complete educational program.  Traditionally, guidance counselors have provided career information and postsecondary planning for high school students.  In addition to this, the guidance department at Parker School also provides individual and small group counseling.  Classroom guidance is available in which such things as study skills, decision making skills, coping skills, self-esteem building, and making good choices are stressed.  Other programs are offered to aid students in the transition to becoming good community members.  The program is based on preventive and response services as well as referral resources to local agencies.

    Visit the Guidance Counselor's website at:  Guidance Counselor