• All-State Chorus

    "It is a privilege and an honor for students to be selected to represent their school at All-State Chorus. The South Dakota All-State Chorus is very unique because it allows every individual school in the state to bring a minimum of one quartet (which is based on school population) to a maximum of five quartets from the largest schools. It is an opportunity for students to sing repertoire that may not be possible to sing in their own schools. All students selected are expected to represent their school in a positive way. Participants must come to the event with their music learned and enjoy the experience of working with a nationally recognized conductor who has the expertise to make the choir truly outstanding. Students will be expected to be on task at all rehearsals and will then be able to participate in a truly outstanding performance.  

    October 2022

    Parker brought Tanya Netesov as Soprano, Grace Gullikson as Alto, Michael Netesov as Tenor, and Alek Kuchta as Bass.  Each student auditioned in September and rehearsed each of the pieces until the event.  This year, Parker traveled to Beresford and Harrisburg schools on Monday evenings for two hours and then were invited to sing with those around this region traveling to five different schools to perform their pieces. This year, All-State Chorus and Orchestra was held in Sioux Falls and performed with on average 1000 other students from all across the state of South Dakota."

    ~ Mr. Paul Moneke, Choir Director

    All-State Choir