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    State Champions Wall of Fame

    2019 Class-A Girl's 100m Dash Champion

    2019 100m dash champion


    2019 Class-A Girl's 400m Relay Champions

    2019 400m Relay champions

    2019 Class-A Girl's 800m Relay Champions

    2019 800m Relay Champions
    2018 Class-A Girl's 800m Relay Champions
     2018 800m Relay Champions
     2017 Class-B Girl's 400m Dash Champion
     2017 Class-B Girl's 200m Dash Champion
    2017 Class-B Girl's 100m Dash Champion
     2017 Class-B Girl's 800m Relay Champions
    2017 Class-B 800m Relay Champions
    2016 Class-B Boy's Triple Jump Champion
    2016 Class-B Boy's Long Jump Champion
    2016 Class-B Boy's High Jump Champion
    2015 Class-B Boy's High Jump Champion 
     2014 Class-B Boy's Track & Field Team Champions 
    2014 Team Champs  
     2014 Class-B Medley Relay Champions
    Medley Relay Champions  
     2014 Class-B 800m Relay Champions
    800m Relay Champions  
     2014 Class-B 3200m Relay Champions
    3200m Relay Champions  
     2014 Class-B High Jump Champion
    High Jump champion  Zack
    2013 Class-B Track & Field Combined Team Champions 
     2012 Combined Class-B Champions  

     2013 Class-B Medley Relay Champions
    2013 Medley Relay Champions  
     2013 Class-B Medley Relay Champions
    3200m Relay Champs
     2013 Class-B 800m Relay Champions
    2013 Class-B 1600m Relay Champions 2013 4x400 Champions
    2013 800m Champions
    2013 Class-B 3200m Run Champion
    3200m Run Champion  
    2012 Class-B 800m Relay Champions
    2012 800m Champions
    2012 Class-B Medley Relay Champions 
    2012 Medley champs
    2004 Class-A Medley Relay Champions2004 Medley Champs
     2004 Class-A 200m Dash Champion
    2004 200m Champion
    2004 Class-A 200m Dash Champion
     2004 400m Dash Champion
    2003 Class-A 400m Relay Champions 
    2003 400m Relay Champs
    2003 Class-A 200m Dash Champion 
    2003 200m Dash Champ  
    2002 Class-A 800m Relay Champions 2002 800m Relay Champs
    2002 Class-A 400m Relay Champions
    2002 400m Relay Champs
    1999 Class-A Discus+ Shot Put Champion
     1999 Discus Champion