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    Here you will find tabs to the left for important information regarding your child's education and experience in Physical Education. I have also listed some class expectations below. Please feel free to contact me with questions as parents are vital to the learning experience. 
    K-6 Students need to remember to bring their PE shoes and appropriate PE attire on their PE Days.

    K-3 Students will not be changing clothes for PE, but tennis shoes that stay on and tie up. They should also provide good support for the students. Flat bottom shoes are not good for exercising in and usually don’t tie up tight to their foot and should be avoided. Thanks for helping with this matter.

    4th-6th Students have the option of using the locker rooms and changing into PE clothes for class. This is optional and the students should change quickly to allow maximum time in physical activity.

    7th- 9th Grade students will be expected to change in the locker rooms for PE class this year.

    They need to bring PE shorts, proper court shoes (that don’t mark), and a t-shirt. Flat bottomed skate board shoes are not good for running and exercising. Please avoid these types of shoes.

    There are showers available for the students and are recommended for 7th, 8th , 9th . Personal Hygiene is important and should be encouraged by all. A change of clothes is expected.