• We're Back in Business...and Computers!

    Now in-person and better than ever with a brand new class, "Introduction to Business" this fall.

    Interested in learning about computer science and applications?  Want to know about how to manage your money?  Curious about accounting fundamentals?  Wondering about how the world of commerce works? Then welcome to my classroom, where we will explore these areas and so much more!  These are the classes I teach during the Fall 2020 Semester, along with the color code for the class.  This should make it easy to find the information you need at a glance.  I carried through the color scheme to Google Classroom as well.

    Plucker Classes


    Important Links & Contact Information for Students and Parents

    Email: You can't go wrong by sending an email!  I check mine very frequently and will reply as soon as I can.

    Google Classroom:  Each of my classes has a separate Google Classroom.  Here you can see class announcements, plus assignments and links and materials needed to complete the assignments.

    Planbook: I am diligent about keeping my digital lesson plans updated.  You can see the entire week's lesson plans at a glance.  It is organized by day (horizontal row) and class (vertical column).  Details for each assignment are posted on Google Classroom.


    I'm looking forward to seeing each of my students soon!  Regardless of what this year holds in store, we are going to make it great!  Let's communicate and share ideas so that we can learn and grow together.  I believe that when teachers, students and parents join forces, what we can accomplish together has no limits!

    All my best,

    Mrs. Kay Plucker