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STEM Program

The Parker School STEM Lab is a special learning space that offers many advantages to students, helping them develop important skills for their future success. Students have the chance to participate in hands-on experiences such as building with Legos and Knexs, coding robots as well as on the computer,  which promotes creativity, technology skills, productivity, social abilities, effective communication, and a proactive mindset. This hands-on approach to learning also fosters leadership skills and gives students a sense of responsibility and confidence which will prepare them to face future challenges. 

The STEM Lab not only helps students develop these skills but also encourages critical thinking and curiosity. Through projects, like circuitry rovers, Pneumatics scissor lift challenge, presenting information and learning about aerodynamics to name a few, students are encouraged to think critically, ask questions, and find answers. This process helps them expand their knowledge, deepen their understanding, and develop a growth mindset that encourages a love for learning throughout their lives.

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